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        • 酒会名称: The 96th China Food and Drinks Fair
        • 酒会编号: The 96th China Food and Drinks F
        • Release time: 2017-03-15
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        The national food and drinks trade fair known as "barometer" in China's food industry was established in 1955, and it is one of the large professional exhibitions with longest history in China.
          China Food and Drinks Fair is sponsored by China sugar/liquor industry group company for two sessions every year, it is respectively held in spring and autumn. At present, exhibition area of each China Food and Drinks Fair is above 100,000m2, there are 3000 exhibitors around and 150,000 professional buyers, total amount of delivery is 20 billion Yuan around, it is the most influential exhibition with maximum scale in China food industry, and it is called "the first meeting in the world" by insiders.
          The constant aim of China Food and Drinks Fair is to serve for industry development, national economic construction and social development, China Food and Drinks Fair tries to build production and marketing joint platform, marketing system construction platform, information issue and communication platform, brand publicity and transmission platform, investment trade and cooperation platform, it not only can provide first-class exhibition hardware facility, but also positively build supporting services with international integration, it is not only the place for commodity transaction and exhibition displays, but also is the important stage for exchange of information, friendship enhancement, promotion of technical progress and product innovation.
        Since the reform and opening-up policy, the brand growing in the China Food and Drinks Fair rapidly is too numerous to mention one by one, numerous excellent enterprises achieve common prosperity jointly with China Food and Drinks Fair while creating own value.
          At the same time, China Food and Drinks Fair complies with situation and advances with the time, constantly strengthens reform and innovation strength, and makes efforts to push own course of internationalization. In recent years, "wine and international spirit pavilion" pushed in the national food &drinks trade fair provides the platform for display and communication to international liquors supplier, and also makes the international influence of China Food and Drinks Fair growing with each passing day.
          No.3 and 4 pavilions are the exhibition areas of wine and spirit, No.5 pavilion is the exhibition area of beer and imported foodstuff.

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