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        • 酒会名称: 2017 Winechat Shangri-La Hotel show in Chengdu
        • 酒会编号: 2017 Winechat Shangri-La Hotel s
        • Release time: 2017-03-15
        • Views : 163

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        Shangri-La Hotel show is the exhibition area where the number of "foreigners" is up to maximum during spring China Food and Drinks Fair, wine culture from various places in the world is integrated to gather into the wonderful wine world in Shangri-La hotel.
          The exhibition not only gathers over ten thousands of wince brands at home and abroad, but also undertakes nearly 40 forum activities for wine and beer. The 2nd floor is the special area for international chateau, 3rd and 4th floor are the forum activities areas, and there is a little of booth.

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