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        • 酒会名称: Southern France TOP50 wine master class comes to a successful conclusion in Shenyang station, and the next station: Taiyuan and
        • 酒会编号: Southern France TOP50 wine maste
        • Release time: 2017-03-15
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        Today's Shenyang is all covered in ice and snow, the scene Lidu Sofitel Hotel is showing in but Lidu Sofitel Hotel. 150 local wine practitioners and amateurs gather here to take part in the activity of Southern France TOP50 wine master class with their passion, the scene is full of warm atmosphere and there are no empty seats.


        France consulate stationed in Shenyang pays high attention to and greatly supports the activity, consul general, Marc Lamy expresses warm welcome the attending guests before starting the activity, and specifically describes the Octavio region of Southern France, and sends his sincere invitation to the guests, and hopes that the guests stand a chance to visit and inspect on the spot, so as to further appreciate the characteristics of the wine of Southern France.

        The master class totally appreciates 8 high-quality awarding vintage wine with slight representative from Southern France under the guidance of Li Chenguang-nickname "Mr. Si", the WSET Diploma-certified sommelier and WSET lecturer. Mr. Si has many years of experience in high-level club sommelier in London and rich review experience in domestic and overseas wine events, and he has been invited to visit multiple wine producing areas in France, Spain, California, New Zealand and the like.


        Young and handsome Mr. Si describes the characteristics of local condition and custom and key points of appreciation of every vintage wine in detail, intimately interacts with the guests, and makes the presented honored guests being fascinated by flirtatious expression Southern France full of brilliant sunshine with profound and professional knowledge, and the 8 featured vintage wines are praised by everyone.


        Southern France Top 50 wine selection even is held by London home of Southern France and CIVL, and it has obtained success for three consecutive years. In 2016, 367 wines were collected, three rounds of selection and review, finally, we selected 50 best-quality and 20 best-appearance Southern France wines.

        The next Southern France TOP50 master class will be held in Taiyuan and Hohhot respectively 22 and 24, welcome you to actively sign up and participate it!






        Thursday, December 22nd


        Shanxi Hubin International Hotel 4th Floor, Huaxia Hall

        No.5, Youth Road, Yingze District, Taiyuan City

        Long press picture recognition two-dimensional code registration 丨 Taiyuan station



        Thursday, December 24th


        Sheraton Hotel 2nd floor multi-function hall

        Hohhot New City Yingbin North Road on the 5th

        Long press picture to identify two-dimensional code registration 丨 Hohhot station

        Activity contact person

        Miss Qin 13620209301 (WeChat)

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